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All-In-One Low Profile Brine Maker/Applicator Combo Unit

All-In-One Low Profile Brine Maker/Applicator Combo Unit - Skid Steer Bucket Loading

Web Id: BMBA300-LP

The Combo300 Brine Maker & Applicator Unit is a new innovative, proprietary design from BARR that combines everything you need to take full control of supplying and applying salt brine solutions for dust control along with anti-icing & de-icing activities. This one machine is all you need to get started.

This equipment can also be used as general water handing unit to haul and transfer water for fire-fighting, wash-down, plant watering, dust suppression and other construction site water service applications.

An economical, easy-to-use and highly efficient anti-icing unit, ideal for smaller scale service areas or service areas spread across a larger service region, ie: parking lots and large building entrance ways and driveways, etc. This is a smart investment that will pay for itself.

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