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4" Maelstrom High Efficiency Rainwater Filter

4' Maelstrom High Efficiency Rainwater Filter

4" Maelstrom High Efficiency Rainwater Filter

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The revolutionary Maelstrom filter sets a new standard in pre-tank rainwater filtering. Filtering multiple pipes at a single point, the Maelstrom's unique U-shaped filter keeps leaves and debris down to 180 microns (5 times smaller than standard rain-head and tank screens!) out of your rainwater tank. They also significantly increase your water catchment efficiency, even at high flow rates (96% at 10 litres per second in wet systems).

The Malestroms overflow can also act as a backup to your tank's overflow in the event that it should become blocked or unable to cope with high flow rates. It will also reduce the load on on post-tank pumps by lowering sediments, reduce light and algae growth in your tank, and thus improve the stored rainwater quality.

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RHML014" Malestrom High Efficiency Rainwater Filter
K0815Replacement filter bag for Maelstrom rain head

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