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24" Wide Septic & Drainfield Chambers

Standard septic Drainfield Chambers at BARR Plastics

24" Wide Septic & Drainfield Chambers

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The Quick4 Standard Septic Chamber fits in 24” wide trenches and is ideal for curved or straight systems, thanks to the patent-pending Contour Swivel Connection which permits 15 degree turns, right or left. Compact nesting provides more trench length in equivalent stack height. Plus, the chamber’s 4 ft length and latching mechanism provides optimal installation flexibility. The Quick4 Standard chamber supports wheel loads of 16,000 lbs per axle with only 12” of cover and is certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

The MultiPort end cap fits on either end of the Quick4 EqualizerChamber and allows multiple piping options. Six molded- in inlets/outlets allow for maximum piping flexibility. Patent-pending tear-out seals on inlet ports provide a tight fit to the pipe, eliminating pipe fittings and making looping ends easy.

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Part #DescriptionDimensions
Q4STDQuick4 Standard Chamber52"L x 34"W x 12"H
Q4STDEQuick4 Standard Multi-Port End Cap34"W

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