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12" Wall Mount First Flush Diverter

12' Wall Mount First Flush Diverter

12" Wall Mount First Flush Diverter

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Wall Mount First Flush Diverters are generally designed for larger residential and commercial systems, mounted on exterior or interior walls below the primary filter.

Ideal for 3,000+ square foot roof surfaces where particle pollution is minimal or 1000+ square foot roof surfaces where tree and bird droppings, pollen or other particulate is heavy at times. They are able to manage single or multiple pipes coming from the roof and can divert between 6 to 38 gallons of initial water flow containing dissolved solids or other contaminants, keeping them out of your storage system. Diverter volume can be made on site to match exact requirements. Note that all collected rainwater should pass through a first flush diverter that automatically collects and diverts at least the first 0.02 inches (0.5mm) of rain at the beginning of a rainfall event, and this product is a great choice. But what do you do with all that diverted water? It can be discharged to an acceptable location such as a flower bed or drainage system, so nothing goes to waste. The system includes saddle and galvanized steel wall mounting brackets for easier installation.

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WDPW9912" 112" dia. Wall Mount First Flush Diverter

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