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1140 Series Poly Combo Bin

Poly Combo Bins at BARR Plastics, in Abbotsford, BC

1140 Series Poly Combo Bin

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These versatile multi-use bulk containers are ideal for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Bins provide improved inplant handling and over-the-road hauling capacities. Scientifically engineered for added strength and roto-molded of FDA- approved polyethylene, these tough, durable and lightweight bins are ideal for all types of food products and bulk materials. Their extra thick corners and floor resist impact and wear while their reinforced top edge adds strength and resists splitting.

Additionally, these bins are lighter in weight and cost less than stainless steel and much easier to handle, too. They're nestable and stackable 2-high with optional lids and a 4-way forklift and pallet jack entry allows for easy transport.

Smooth flat bottom bins with replaceable pallet base comes standard, but you can get a welded base available upon request.

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Item / DescriptionCapacityID / OD WidthID / OD LengthID / OD HeightMaterialTare WeightPart # / Drawing
USGLTRCubic FeetLbs/Kgs
POLY COMBO BIN225852302000 / 90739 / 4246 / 5031 / 36HDPE1271140
POLY COMBO BIN250946342000 / 90739 / 4246 / 5034 / 39HDPE1331144
POLY COMBO BIN2901098392000 / 90739 / 4246 / 5040 / 45HDPE1371145
POLY COMBO BIN3151192N/A2000 / 907425048HDPE1421148
POLY COMBO BIN3601363482000 / 90739 / 4246 / 5047 / 52HDPE1521150
POLY COMBO BIN4001514532000 / 90739 / 4246 / 5050 / 55HDPE1571154