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Green / Black EPDM Suction & Transfer Hose

Green and Black EPDM Suction Hose at BARR Plastics

Green / Black EPDM Suction & Transfer Hose

Web Id: NL-2200
  • Commonly used in agricultural, construction, and mining applications for water (not for food grade transfer), light sludge, effluents or other liquids where chemical and "external" abrasion resistance is required.
  • Popular septic tank cleaning hose because it is lightweight, flexible, and very easily handled (even at low temperatures) and is typically not designed for abrasive transfer.
  • Its unique polyethylene helix reduces dragging friction and permits the hose to be maneuvered on the ground easily.
  • Not designed for permanent installation in piping systems, especially in short lengths for pump connectors, generators, chillers, HVAC units, or other applications where hard pipe, expansion joints, or stainless steel braided hoses are typically used.
  • Temperature Range: -35°C (-30°F) to +60°C (140°F).
  • Construction: Tube: Smooth Black EPDM. Cover: Slightly corrugated green polyethylene helix with black EPDM between.
  • Typical Fittings: Camlocks, N10 combination nipples, short shanks, strainers, pinch clamps, various bolt clamps.
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Part # Size Box/Case Qty. Description
NL2200-100INSIDE 1 - OUTSIDE 1.34100 ft6633
NL2200-125INSIDE 1-1/4 - OUTSIDE 1.61100 ft6639
NL2200-150INSIDE 1-1/2 - OUTSIDE 1.93100 ft6641
NL2200-200INSIDE 2 - OUTSIDE 2.50100 ft6640
NL2200-250INSIDE 2-1/2 - OUTSIDE 3100 ft6642
NL2200-300INSIDE 3 - OUTSIDE 3.65100 ft6643
NL2200-400INSIDE 4 - OUTSIDE 4.67100 ft6644
NL2200-600INSIDE 6 - OUTSIDE 6.89100 ft6645

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