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Corner Rain Collection Tanks

Rainwater Harvesting Corner Tanks at BARR Plastics

Corner Rain Collection Tanks

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Beautiful and perfectly fitted onto the corners of houses and other buildings-indoors or outdoors- these tanks can be primed and painted to match your colour scheme.

As downspouts are often located near the corners of a house, corner tanks can be placed below the downspout and plumbed into the specially-designed inlet and overflow assembly near the top of the tank, creating a neat and easy-to-achieve inlet connection and overflow into the drain when the tank is full.

Modular corner tanks are 95 USG capacity and can be plumbed together with additional tanks, which can be mated together to form rectangular shapes that can be placed against a wall. Necessary fittings are pre- installed or included and placed loose inside the tank for shipping - all that's needed to install to your rectangular downspout. This tank is most often installed on top of concrete blocks to raise it up off the ground to be able to place a bucket below the drain tap.

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Capacity Part # / DrawingWidth (in) Length (in) Height (in) Lid/Fill Opening (in) Fitting (in) Weight (lbs)
USG IG LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SG Heavy Weight 1.9 SG
9579360FW95N/A24"24"58"8"2 x 3/4"58