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Thru-Chain Extended Pipe Style Mooring Buoy

Thru-Chain Extended Pipe Style Mooring Buoy

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  • Easy to recognize.
  • Durable and attractive.
  • The hard polyethylene shell has UV inhibitors to keep it looking new.
  • Polystyrene foam fills the shell to provide maximum buoyancy.
  • A PVC tube is molded through the center of the buoy to allow for different hardware options.
  • An injection-molded collar captures the tube on each end and protects the buoy from wear.
  • Buoys can be used to mark waterways, can be rented to boaters at your marinas, or can be used to support the line to which you anchor your own watercraft.
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Part # / Model Diameter (in) Description Buoyancy (lbs) Thru Tube ID (in) Weight (lbs)
FFMB-1818EP18"Extended Thru-Chain & Shackle Style Buoy51 lbs2.75"8 lbs
FFMB-2424EP24"Extended Thru-Chain & Shackle Style Buoy124 lbs2.75"16 lbs
FFMB-3232EP32"Extended Thru-Chain & Shackle Style Buoy278 lbs3.5"41 lbs
FFMB-3838EP38"Extended Thru-Chain & Shackle Style Buoy556 lbs3.5"65 lbs
FFMB-4242EP42"Extended Thru-Chain & Shackle Style Buoy710 lbs3.5"86 lbs

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