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Part # Description Shipping Weight (lbs) Price (Freight Extra - Contact for Quote)
FD4x8-ND 4′ X 8′ Floating Extension (Finger) w/o Decking 88$860.00
KFD4x8 4' x 8'Floating Extension (Finger) w/ Decking 150$1100.00
FD4x16-ND 4' x 16' Floating Dock w/o Decking 209$2166.00
KFD4x164' x 16' Floating Dock w/ Decking376$2645.00
FD4x24-ND4' x 24' Floating Dock w/o Decking407$3289.00
KFD4x244' x 24' Floating Dock w/ Decking565$4007.00
FD8x8-ND8' x 8' Floating Dock Kit w/o Decking213$1570.00
KFD8x8 8' x 8' Floating Dock w/ Decking 335$2050.00
FD8x16-ND8' x 16' Floating Dock w/o Decking446$3231.00
KFD8x168' x 16' Floating Dock w/ Decking695$4191.00
FD8x24-ND8' x 24' Floating Dock w/o Decking679$4894.00
KFD8x248' x 24' Floating Dock w/ Decking1050$6334.00
FD8x32-ND8' x 32' Floating Dock w/o Decking912$6545.00
KFD8x328' x 32' Floating Dock w/ Decking1410$8466.00
FD8x40-ND8' x 40' Floating Dock w/o Decking1145$8202.00
KFD8x408' x 40' Floating Dock w/ Decking1765$10602.00
FD8x48-ND8' x 48' Floating Dock w/o Decking1378$9832.00
KFD8x488' x 48' Floating Dock w/ Decking2120$12732.00
FC-01Floating Dock Connector$115.50

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