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Part # Description Price (Freight Extra - Contact for Quote)
ANCHOR150LB Concrete Anchor$75.00
KLeg-ext-88" Leg Extension Kit$72.00
KLeg-ext-2020" Leg Extension Kit$88.00
Flexguard-44' Flexguard Strip$20.00
Flexguard-88' Flexguard Strip$40.00
Alph-44' Alphadeck Decking Board$18.00
Alph-88' Alphadeck Decking Board$36.00
Deck-cedar-4x84' x 8' Cedar Decking Section$485.60
Deck-cedar-8x88' x 8' Cedar Decking Section$795.00
Deck-BPT-4x84' x 8' Pressure Treated Decking Section$375.00
Deck-BPT-8x88' x 8' Pressure Treated Decking Section$585.00
Screw-12x2PPTSSStainless Screws for Thruflow Decking$15.00
WK-44' Standing Dock Wheel Kit$260.00
WK-88' Standing Dock Wheel Kit$275.00
JK4x84' x 8' Aluminum Joists Kit$115.50
JK8x88' x 8' Aluminum Joists Kit$185.50
1029-FBumper Connectors - White$9.20
1027-FBumper End Plugs - White$14.75
1057-1-FDolphin Corner Bumpers - White$35.00
1057-1-FDolphin Corner Bumpers - Beige$32.50
1049-FCorner Bumpers - White$22.00
1109-FSmall P Bumper - Beige$101.00
1105-FSmall P Bumper - White$104.00
Image1200lb Lift$2200.00
Image3000lb Lift$4100.00
ImageCanoe & Kayak Rack$500.00
Hanger-kit-LHanging-L Kit$70.00
Hanger-kit-THanging-T Kit$70.00
HK-01Hinge Kit$100.00
HK-02Offset Hinge Kit$100.00
Image4' Ramp Transition$299.00
RC-01Ramp Extension Kit for 16' Ramp$115.50
1006-FProfile Fasteners (Screws)$28.50
Safety Grab Rail$135.00
96-255-FSolar Dock Light$30.00
96-252-stationSolar Sentinel Light Post$120.00
96-252-FSolar Light Safety Ring Station$200.00

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